Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Earthquake !

Έγινε σεισμός στην Καλιφόρνια σήμερα 

Egine sismos stin kalifornia simera

There was an earthquake in california today.

Today at 11.42 a.m. while I was at work, the earth started rocking and rolling, a 5.8 earthquake struck Southern California, the epicenter was located in the Chino Hills, a community of L.A and it was felt all over southern california and as far as Las Vegas. 

 In my opinion this earthquake was one of the most exciting experiences that I've ever felt, and I'm glad there was no signficant damage and everyone is safe.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Το αγγούρι


Φρέσκα αγγουριά από τον κήπο μου φτιάχνουν εξαιρετικό τζατζίκι

Freska angouria apo ton kipo mou ftiahoun  ekseretiko tzatziki

Fresh cucumber from my garden make great tzatziki.

 Cucumbers also make great moisturizer lotions for the face and body, due to their high content of water, natural oils, and vitamin E.  

My favorite body lotion which I highly recommend to anyone suffering from dry skin or sunburnt is "Vaseline aloe fresh hydrating with aloe and cucumber", it leaves skin really smooth and feeling fresh without greasy sensation. It's awesome for the summer and the price is good.

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Sunday, July 6, 2008



Θέλω να γίνω πλούσιος και διάσημος

Thelo na gyno plousios ke diasimos

I want to become rich and famous

 And talking about the rich and famous, our featured artist in this post is the gorgeous aussie nicole kidman who just gave birth to a baby girl on monday July 7, named Sunday Rose Kidman Urban. 

Nicole has always been one of my favorite actresses, she's elegant, smart, well-spoken and very talented.

My favorite films from her are:
 - The Interpreter
 - The Stepford wives
 - The Others
 - The Golden Compass
 - Moulin Rouge

And I can't wait to see the new film "Australia" coming out november 14 2008.

Congratulations Nicole !!
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Friday, July 4, 2008

Η Τουρκία


Η Τουρκία είναι μια μεγάλη και πολύ ωραία χώρα

I turkia ine mia megali kai poli orea xora.

Turkey is a very big and beautiful country.

The post of today is dedicated to my turkish readers and I would like to say that you guys have one of the most awesome music as well. My favorite turkish singers are Bendeniz, Mustafa Sandal, Tarkan, Emrah, Sekzen Aksu and Nasan Oncel. The turkish language is very special and the sounds are so exquisite, that is also one of my favorite languages.

 I would like to dedicate and thank my friend Ahmet Metinkan for sending me these amazing pictures of his beautiful city " Izmir "

Click continue reading to see more pictures.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

η Αγάπη


Είναι η αγάπη που κάνει το αδύνατο δυνατo

Ine i agapi pou kani to adinato dinato

It's love what makes possible the impossible

Τι ειναι η αγάπη;

Ti ine i agapi

what is love?

Love is the feeling everyone wishes to obtain and to make it everlasting. 

Real love never devalues, only the delusional one does. 

Love has no boundaries.

Love feeds the soul. 

Love moves the world.

Love makes possible the impossible.

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

η Παραλία

The Beach

Θελώ να παω στην  παραλία

Thelo na pao stin paralia

I want to go to the beach 

  Even though, the heat has descended here in California, I'm craving going to the beach so much. There's nothing like getting a good healthy tan, feeling the sand and the water, the sun and the gentle breeze. When it gets really stressing and when I feel polluted from everyday hustle and bustle, looking at the horizon, at the sea, eases my mind. 

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Elli Kokkinou

Έλλη Κοκκίνου

Today our featured artist is none other than the beautiful hellenic Elli Kokkinou, born in Athens, Greece, July 7 1970.

 She's considered one of the greatest voices in Greece and she's tremendously popular. If you haven't heard Elli singing before, you're seriously missing out. 

Congratulations to Elli and Panayotis Vasiliadis for her new baby boy born June 2008.  

My favorite songs from Elli are:

1 - Na me prosexeis (Take care of me)
2 - Erota Mou ( My love)
3-  Agori Mou (My Boy)
4 - Adiaforos ( Indifferent)
5 - Sex
6 - Bye bye with Giogos Tsalikis

 Agori Mou and Erota Mou Medley.


Lyrics and Translations

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Beautiful, handsome

η Ζώη ειναι ωραία

i zoi ine orea

Life is beautiful

The word of the day in this post is another word to say beautiful, besides όμορφος.  And I would also like to say that life is beautiful, regardless of the adversities we have to face sometimes and the struggles we don't understand but in the end everything makes sense and we realize there's a reason for everything and it's all worth it.

Pic. Beautiful sunset at Huntington Beach, Orange County, California

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Monday, June 23, 2008

η ζέστη

 The Heat

Η ζέστη είναι ανυπόφορη αυτές τις μέρες. 

i zesti ine anipofori aftes tis meres

The heat is unbearable these days.

 The word of the day today is related to the awful heat wave we've been experiencing in southern california these last days, we reached 105 F degrees,  perfect for outdoor activities.  Yesterday I went shopping to ease my inner heat at one of my favorite places. Hollywood and the sunset blvd in west Hollywood.

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Sunday, June 22, 2008



η γινέκα είναι πολύ όμορφη

i gineka ine poli omorfi

The woman is really beautiful Read more on this article...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Eirini Merkouri

Here's one of my favorite greek songs of all times . The beautiful Eirini Merkouri singing To Tzini "Mazi den kanoume kai horia den Boroume" A greek song about two persons who can't live apart from each other and yet not together.

Love the beats and she's such a goddess.

Η ώρα 3
μα πού γυρνάς
και με νικά η στενοχώρια
κρυφά θα 'ρθεις
σαν το φεγγάρι
που γλιστράει απ' τα στόρια

Εμείς οι δυο μαζί δεν κάνουμε και χώρια δεν μπορούμε
και θα στο πω πως με την ζήλεια πάλι άκρη δεν θα βρούμε
Πες μου αν έχεις κρυφό δεσμό
εκεί που τρέχεις θα βρεις γκρεμό
τι θα μου πεις για το σημάδι στο λαιμό

Είσαι θεά κι εγώ θνητός στο παραδείσιο σου το βλέμα
Θα τρελαθώ έχεις τον τρόπο σου να φεύγεις απ' το θέμα

Εο εο εο(x2)

Πες μια ευχή
να είσαι πιστός και να μου κάνεις κοπλιμέντα
κι άλλη ευχή
εδώ να μένεις δίχως δεύτερη κουβέντα

Εμείς οι δυο μαζί δεν κάνουμε και χώρια δεν μπορούμε
και θα στο πω πως με την ζήλεια πάλι άκρη δεν θα βρούμε
Πες μου αν έχεις κρυφό δεσμό
εκεί που τρέχεις θα βρεις γκρεμό
τι θα μου πεις για το σημάδι στο λαιμό

Εο εο εο(x2)

Πού είχες πάει,δεν θα πω
το νήμα σπάει, σ'αγαπώ
σε θέλω αποκλειστικά αν θες εδώ να μείνω
Λοιπόν κορμί μου θεϊκό θα γίνω τζίνι μαγικό
στο λυχναράκι της καρδιάς μωρό μου θα σε κλείνω

Εμείς οι δυο μαζί δεν κάνουμε και χώρια δεν μπορούμε
και θα στο πω πως με την ζήλεια πάλι άκρη δεν θα βρούμε
Το φεγγαράκι και η αυγή
σκληρά σου δίνουν μια διαταγή
να με λατρεύεις με τυφλή υποταγή


The time is /It's 3 (a.m.)
but where are you going around
and the sadness is beating me
in secret you'll come
like the moon
that is slipping through the blinds

We two, together we do not get along and apart we cannot
and I will say it to you, that with jealousy again a way we will not find
Tell me if you have a secret affair
where you run to, you will find a cliff
what are you going to tell me for the spot on the neck

You are a goddess and me a mortal in your paradise look.
I will go crazy, you have your way to avoid the subject
Εο εο εο(x2)

- Say a wish
- Be faithful and make compliments to me
- Another wish
- Here you to stay without a second word

[repeat chorus] Εο εο εο(x2)

Where you had been, I will not say
the strand is breaking, I love you
I want you exclusively. If you want me here to stay,
well, my divine body, I'll become a magical genie
in the little lamp of the heart, my baby, I will close you.

We two, together we do not get along and apart we cannot
and I will say it to you, that with jealousy again a way we will not find
The little moon and the dawn
strictly they give you a command

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Η ευτυχία


 η ευτυχία είναι πολύ σημαντικό πράγμα

 i eftihia ine poli simantiko pragma

 Happiness is a very important thing



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