Thursday, June 26, 2008

Elli Kokkinou

Έλλη Κοκκίνου

Today our featured artist is none other than the beautiful hellenic Elli Kokkinou, born in Athens, Greece, July 7 1970.

 She's considered one of the greatest voices in Greece and she's tremendously popular. If you haven't heard Elli singing before, you're seriously missing out. 

Congratulations to Elli and Panayotis Vasiliadis for her new baby boy born June 2008.  

My favorite songs from Elli are:

1 - Na me prosexeis (Take care of me)
2 - Erota Mou ( My love)
3-  Agori Mou (My Boy)
4 - Adiaforos ( Indifferent)
5 - Sex
6 - Bye bye with Giogos Tsalikis

 Agori Mou and Erota Mou Medley.


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Frances said...

Hi JC, I was so happy to come across your fab blog. I also love Greek music and have a blog based on that too. I know Elli Kokkinou but I am more of a fan of Thanos Petrelis who sings in th video with here. Lots of the Greek singers are personally on Facebook by the way. I'll add you to my favourites :0)
Filakia polla!